Muriel’s Most Requested Recipes

You Asked For Them!

No Yeast Bread / Challa Recipe
Watch the Video! This is the easiest and best recipe! It should take about 10 minutes to make the dough if you dont have to go shopping at the last minute for ingredients. I hope this inspires you to do it and eat it too!
My Favorite Oatmeal Cookie
In honor of my birthday I am putting up my favorite recipe.  I used to have another one but this one  tempts  you to  go to the freezer and eat one anytime you feel you need some energy.  Remember you can cut down on the sugar somewhat.
Honey Cake
I just tried it today again. I just put everything in the bowl and mixed it together, one easy step, and it worked. So try it when you are in a rush and if you need more than one loaf, double the recipe at will.
Passover Flourless Brownies
My Passover Flourless Brownies The dough:  I strongly advise to double it a least, if not quadruple Preheat oven at[...]
GrandMa’s Homemade Hamantashen!
Just in time for Purim: GrandMa's Hamantashen!Hamantashen : This recipe is the one that has been transmitted by my mother-in-law from[...]
The Sleekest Challa Recipe
This is the recipe that prompted me to put the other ones up on the website too. It was given to me many years ago by my friend Sarah C. who got it from her mother, a super duper organized and efficient housewife.
Salade Niçoise
This was made for when the fishermen came back from fishing , they were quite hungry and dinner had to[...]
An Apple Cake Named “1234”
First of all, this the recipe that every one asks me for. Whenever I have given that cake as a present, I have been asked for its recipe. Fortunately I know it by heart. But I thought to myself, be with it, post it and you won’t have to write it so many times!
Pain D’epices
SPICE BREAD : That’s how we call it in France where it is sold in every grocery store. It keeps for a very long time, unless you eat it all up. If you really want it to be delicious to the extreme, you cut in thin slices and spread butter or sour cream on it.
Soupe au Pistou
Ingredients: 5oz fresh green beans 5oz leaks ( white part) 5 oz carrots 5 oz turnips 5 oz celery root[...]
Be Ro Chocolate Milk Cake
Ingredients: 1 onion 1 pepper (your choice of color) 1/2 eggplant 1 small zucchini 4 -5 medium size tomatoes oil[...]
My Ratatouille Provençale
Ingredients:1 onion1 pepper (your choice of color)1/2 eggplant1 small zucchini4 -5 medium size tomatoesoil to fry onionsalt and pepperIn a[...]
Tapenade Provençale
Ingredients: 250 g of pitted black greek olives 60 g of capres ( squeeze out the liquid) 50 g of[...]
Strawberry Granité de Papa
This recipe has been perfected with love and patience by my father, who enjoyed the granites of all flavors. Every confectioning of a new version became the excuse for a big social gathering with the grandchildren. The timer would be set to check on the freezing firmness. They all had to give their approval by tasting it. That was no problem, specially in the summer.
Tunisian Carrot Salad
Can be served cold or warm. Keeps for 10 days if you use fresh carrots from the farmers. Great addition to any protein dish or serve as part of the famous Kemia.
Curried Mango Dressing, Just Think Yellow!
Ingredients: 1 mango peeled and cut into chunks 1/2 cup of cold pressed first pression olive oil 2 table spoons[...]
Navettes Provençales
Ingredients for 8(If you are by yourself, divide the recipe or freeze half before you finish the whole batch) 18[...]