Strawberry Granité de Papa

By Muriel Levin | Recipes

Jun 14

Perfected with love and patience by my father…

This recipe has been perfected with love and patience by my father, who enjoyed the granites of all flavors.  Every confectioning of a new version became the excuse for a big social gathering with the grandchildren.  The timer would be set to check on the freezing firmness. They all had to give their approval by tasting it.  That was no  problem, specially in the summer.

I get my strawberries from the farmers’ market, when they are in season ( here in California, its always the season) they are fresh as well as ripe.  And organic!

Cut off the greens and wash 2 small baskets of strawberries. Cut them in halves or quarters, put them all in a ziplock bag , flatten the bag and lay it flat in the freezer for a few hours or a few days.

In the blender, mix the frozen strawberries, a big cup of sugar ( you decide how much),  juice of 2 lemons1 tsp vanilla sugar, a cup of water or else orange juice or elsered wine.  Do not put all these choices of liquid.  Pick only one!

Blend while the strawberries are still frozen.  You should get a kind of smooth , very thick mixture.  Pour it into your containers and freeze.  Defrost 15 minutes before serving.

You can add a banana for taste and for lowering the sugar amount needed.  But in any case, taste the mixture before freezing, it should be adequately sweet.   When the granite is frozen , it looses some of its sweetness.

Make sure to put just enough liquid to be able to blend. 

Greatest served with crunchy cookies, pear in wine sauce or as verrine for a party.







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