Salade Niçoise

By Muriel Levin | Recipes

Jun 15

This was made for when the fishermen came back from fishing , they were quite hungry and dinner had to be ready in minutes.  For this reason, some natives will tell you it does not have the cooked potatoes.  Still I like it. 

This is a fresh salad – it contains protein and is best eaten with a fresh baguette.  

Assemble all Ingredients in a big bowl:

  • Fried fresh slices of tuna fish
  • Hard boiled eggs cut in slices or quarters
  • Ripe and firm red tomatoes cut in slices or quarters
  • Greek olives
  • Sliced green pepper
  • Sliced small cucumber
  • Sliced shallot or green onion
  • Fresh small fava beans if in season
  • Fresh sliced small artichoke hearts if in season
  • Cut up fresh parsley and basil
  • For the vinaigrette salad dressing:
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 1  soup spoon red wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice.
  • 6 Soup spoons of olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Add fresh crushed rosemary if you wish!


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