GrandMa’s Homemade Hamantashen!

By Muriel Levin | Recipes

Oct 29

Just in time for Purim: 
GrandMa’s Hamantashen!

Hamantashen : This recipe is the one that has been transmitted by my mother-in-law from her mother and it’s the most delicious!

Did you know that I  give our friends and neighbors a package of goodies on Purim and I get the calls afterwords to ask me for the recipe?

Well, here it is for the people who are willing to put in the efforts and are gathering  in the rewards from  the oven.

2 steps – the dough and the filling.

The dough:

1 1/8 cups of sugar

6 eggs

1 1/8 cup of oil

6 cups of flour

4 1/2 grated lemon or orange rind or vanilla

The Filling:

That’s the best part of it, it’s authentic and super delicious

2 lbs of prunes

Some apricots for color

1/2 cups of crushed walnuts   

1 grated lemon rind

juice of one lemon

2 apples peeled and cut up

Mix the dough ingredients and obtain a dough that is soft but not sticky.

Turn oven on at 350F

Make little balls of dough, flatten them into a disc with your hand , put some filling in the center of the disc and pinch the dough to form a triangle.

Put in the oven until golden, not more.






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